IntisTele’s application for sending bulk text messages

More recently, consumers perceived the SMS mailing as something annoying, ordinary spam, and did not even view messages. Today, the sms gateway provider api SMS Culture Customer has grown significantly. Newsletter has become personal, with its help you can learn 1. On stocks, 2. Sale or 3. Leave a review about the work of companies.

What happens during the distribution.
SMS mailing delivers customers all important information not only for promotional purposes, but, and to maintain communication is an affordable and fast way to inform them about the company’s events and promote their products and services. To reinforce the confidence attitude of customers to the company, it is important to communicate with them.

How mailing affects marketing.

SMS mailing is a popular type of marketing based on communicating with a potential consumer through SMS messages. So your information is guaranteed. 100% hit in the target! Numbers for mass mailing SMS messages are not chosen by chance.
SMS mailing — Marketing tool for stimulating sales growth. With the help of it, you can quickly deliver information to the client and be sure that he precisely received and read it. Although in the yard of the age of the Internet and it is believed that SMS is outdated, this tool remains effective.
After you have formed a proposal, you need to decide on the service for sending an SMS of advertising. Remember that you need to pay attention to several parameters.

Mass mailing SMS messages is considered the most personal notification method. Today, almost everything is used by mobile phones — this is the most convenient and fast way to notify all customers at the same time. This method of advertising is suitable for any business area.
SMS mailing is an effective, fast and guaranteed way to inform customers about innovations in the company’s business. Send messages to each client separately it is long and inexpedient by temporary costs.
The SMS mailing on the Customer’s initiative should be carried out on the basis of an agreement concluded with the mobile operator, whose subscriber is intended. Newsletter will be considered illegal if it is carried out with violations of these requirements.

SMS mailing allows you to get the greatest response compared to other formats of advertising and alerts, with minimal investments, forces and money. SMS distribution The guarantee that the end recipient will read your message much faster than with other mass alert formats.

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